Bad Mobile Sites

How your nice desktop website appears on a mobile device depends on how your site is built. Almost all PC sites exhibit some or all of these BAD characteristics, though.

  • Loads very slowly
  • Appears too small to read
  • Requires scrolling left, right, up, and down just to see what’s there.
  • Has no way to easily be contacted- Tap to Call capability
  • Generally a bad experience for people in a hurry to find what they’re looking for, and will send them to your competitor’s mobile-friendly website.

Examples of What Your Desktop Website Looks Like On A Mobile Device…

Larry Liever's Towing

Larry Liever’s Towing

Randys High Country Towing

Randys High Country Towing

Cimino & Benham

Cimino & Benham, LLC

auto towing inc

Auto Towing Inc

Veda Salons

Veda Salons

jourdan rystrom

Jourdan Rystrom