Are You Being Found On The Internet By A Local Search?

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looking through binocularsAre you familiar with “local search”? If you’re a business owner, you’d better get familiar with it fast!

If you have a physical business location, getting listed in the two local search sites described in my FREE report is a no-brainer. It’s better than a yellow pages ad and it costs nothing!

You may not be aware of the fact that Google and other search engines have implemented “local search”. When a person searches for a product, the search engine picks up on their location and returns websites and information most relevant to the searcher’s location.

What that means is that the businesses that have a website, or other internet presence, will be at the top of the results page. In order to help businesses, the search engines allow a business to “claim” their spot on the map and in the “directory” of local businesses. If you haven’t yet, watch the video here, and you’ll get a summary of what I’m referring to. Be sure to enter your name and email in the form and I’ll instantly send you the “Small Business Guide to Google Places”

Will your customers find you when they search for your product or service on the internet?

Once you have “claimed your spot”, when people search for your products, they will see your business at or near the top of the local listings. And if you have a website, they will click on it to find out more about you. This is just one of many ways for you to get your business found on the internet. Give us a call at 719-336-7611 and we’ll talk.