Mobile Website

Do You Really Need a Mobile Website?

It’s almost as though human beings have a new appendage – their mobile device! They don’t just make phone calls or exchange text messages with it. They also use it to search for everything they want to find on the internet. That means that whether they’re looking for a new home to buy, a plumber to fix a leaky faucet, or a good mystery novel, they’re searching for it on the internet.

Consumers expect a mobile website!

What it also means is that they expect your business to have a website that delivers the answer quickly and easily – just like Fast Food! They do not want to get hung up having to scroll all around and squint to see what you have to offer. If that’s how your website behaves on a mobile device, YOU LOSE! The visitor will just “Click away” to a competitor’s mobile-friendly website.

Mobile Website ComparisonLook closely at the picture below that summarizes your customer’s behavior, and then tell me you don’t need a mobile website.

why you need a mobile siteSource: Anchor Mobile SMS Marketing