Who Is Tom Likes ?

Tom LikesHi! I’m Tom Likes. I grew up in Lamar Colorado, and I started this business to help the local businesses here and throughout southern Colorado learn how to use the Internet to cut their advertising costs and increase their sales.

I’ve been a computer enthusiast since the 80’s. I’ve worked for Burroughs, programmed a network marketing company’s compensation plan, and been on the Internet since 1987 – before the World Wide Web existed!

I know the frustrations newcomers, as well as old timers, are experiencing with learning the technical stuff involved in Internet marketing. I had to teach myself  HTML and program my first website myself. Then I had to figure out how to get a domain name and get hosting. There were no videos teaching that stuff in 1995.

While explaining to non-internet friends what I do, I began to realize that many small business owners had no idea about how to use the internet to help their business. They might have a website, but often it just sits there gathering “cyberdust”. That’s when I decided to offer my help to you, the “brick & mortar” business owners.

Things have changed over the last 10 years, and these days people expect a business to have a website. Those who don’t may end up going the way of the horse & buggy! Like Verizon says, “The business with the best technology rules!”

So give me a call at  719-336-7611  or  Send Me A Message  today, and let’s kick around some ideas about how you can be using the Internet to generate more leads and make more sales.

“And whatsoever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not to men.”  –  Colossians 3:23