WordPress Website Care

Let Me Take Care Of Your WordPress Website

Just like any website, a WordPress website needs ongoing TLC. If you neglect your site, it will bite you!

WordPress Dashboard

However, you have more important things to do with your time than spending it in the admin area of your WordPress website trying to figure out all the technical things. After all, you didn’t get a website so that you can be the webmaster.

Let me take over the essential chores that need to be done to keep your website running smoothly, so that you can concentrate on producing great content and promoting your business or brand.


Your core WordPress installation, themes and plugins all require updating on a regular basis. Let me do the updating for you.
Without backing up your WordPress installation, you are “living dangerously”. I’ll set up regularly scheduled, full-site backups that are emailed to you or stored off-site.
I’ll set up a Google Analytics for you and you’ll be able to see how many people are visiting your site, when they’re visiting, and much more. With the details Google provides, you can see how to improve your marketing efforts.
Search Engine Optimization can be a real headache. Let me do the basics for you – including verifying your sitemap with Google. For more ongoing SEO for your posts and pages, consider my Blog Posting detailed below.
Need help with minor, but tricky, things like uploading photos, changing the content, or installing new plugins? I’ll take care of those things for you.


Image Credit: “WordPress MP6 dashboard” by WordPress, screenshot: Dave Clements – http://www.doitwithwp.com/the-new-wordpress-dashboard-design-mp6-try-it-now/. Licensed under GPLv3 via Commons.