WordPress Websites

I build websites based on the WordPress platform. These aren’t just “pretty” websites. My WordPress websites are optimized for getting your visitors to take some kind of action that moves them into your sales funnel.

There are over 78 million WordPress websites!

A few well-known websites built with WordPress include Best BuySony Music,  the Star Wars Blog,  and The Rolling Stones.

Instead of demanding a big payment upfront, I’ll build your site for an affordable:

$199.00 per month for 12 months

This includes the ongoing TLC that every WordPress website requires. See Website Care.

A few small upfront costs will be necessary – domain name, hosting, WordPress Premium Theme, and essential plugins for proper backup and security. (A plugin is a small software program added to the main WordPress software to provide special enhancements.)

I’m all about helping you get more clients/customers and make more sales!

Typical of WordPress websites

Small Business WordPress Website

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